Road Closure

Letter from Opus regarding the road closures

Subject: Nash Mills - Red Lion Lane / Lower Road - Highways Road Closure Update

Dear Councillors,

The implementation of the new roundabout adjacent the Nash Mills development site is on programme, and with the works along London Road / Featherbed Lane due to finish next week, I thought it important to provide some further information relating to traffic flow in the area.

There is a road closure to be implemented at the junction of Red Lion Lane with Lower Road that will commence from 9:30am on Friday 25 July until Sunday 31 August. I have attached the Traffic Management (Signing & Diversion Route) plans for your information. Of the attached PDFs Pg1 gives the overview, the following plans give more specific details at various junctions. There is a lot of detail (in terms of plans) however I thought it best you have this information to hand.

PDF Page 1
PDF Page 2
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It is very important to be clear on the reason for the closure, as it is likely that for the first week or so there will be an inevitable period of disruption. The works are directly adjacent Abbot’s Hill School and the original programme had the works going into November 2014. The closure has facilitated the reduction of the programme so much so that it is hoped the bulk of the works will be completed in time for the reopening of the school in September. The closure therefore is wiping nearly 10 weeks off the programme and doing so when the peak hour schools traffic flow is significantly reduced.

The contractor has (and continues to) put considerable effort into ensuring appropriate resource allocation for all activities and the workforce will further increase during the closure. The opportunity to undertake works on a bigger scale, with larger machinery has facilitated the shortened programme. Acknowledging the road closure will cause a period of inconvenience, the alternative would be a continuous changing of traffic management measures to facilitate the undertaking of particular activities i.e. temporary lights and the road layout changing every couple of weeks. As such the decision has been taken to maximise the areas that can be worked on during the school holidays.

I have been liaising with various people with regards to the current traffic lights (& associated issues), and as such I am sure you are aware this is a very difficult alteration to the highway to implement due to the significant traffic flow through the area.

Letters drops have been undertaken locally by the contractor to advise of the impending works (copy attached for your information ‘Nash Mills Road Closed 2’) and a press release should be in the Gazette this week, alongside this the Advanced Warning Notices should now be erected to advise of the closure.

I am happy to provide updates as and when required to ensure you have the most up to date information to hand. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss the above in further detail.



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