Corporate Sponsorship 2015/16

The Willows Residents’ Association (WRA) has been established for five years and includes Bittern Close, Heron Close, Kingfisher Drive, Osprey Close, Swan Mead, Teal Way & The Mallards in Nash Mills.

To see a clear map of the WRA boundary - click HERE

During this time we have made a real difference to the local area with a host of community based activities. These have included working to maintain the canal bank (in conjunction with the Canal and River Trust), pruning of shrubs and tree around the estate and planting hundreds of bulbs alongside the pathways.

2015 Family Activity / Canal Tidy Day


2014 Tidy Up Day Nov


2014 Tidy Up Day Sep


2014 Tidy Up Day Jul


The WRA recognised that there was real value in volunteering to maintain the canal side as Canal and River Trust rely on people to assist them. This initiative has been running for two years and is a real opportunity for the 300+ residents to get together at ‘tidy-up’ events to contribute to making the canal and surrounding area much more presentable. This has seen participation by residents of all ages in the events; giving anything from 30 minutes to 4 hours of their time.

These simple things have made a real impact to the local area; making it an attractive place for children to play safely on the green spaces, encouraging more people to walk along the canal and reducing the amount of litter.

What can you do ?

This year the WRA would like to reach out to local business to sponsor these days. This money will go directly to open green spaces and the canal side activities. This will allow the WRA to hire the tools, plant appropriate seeds and maintain the canalside and immediate area within the estate for everyone who walks along it.


Buys some tulip bulbs that the residents will plant alongside the paths
Buys wild flower seeds to sow along the canal fence
Allows the WRA to hire a specialist to remove the thick brambles along the canal
Allows the WRA to repair a section of the canal side fence


There are two periods that the WRA has planned for this work. Autumn in 2015 will see the bulb planting across the estate and Spring 2016 will see a majority of the clearing work along the canal.

To say thank you:

The WRA will mention your company’s support in the next newsletter and also include your business name on the list of sponsors in the Noticeboard until summer 2016.
Mention in all news letters until the end of 2016 and your business will appear at the top section of sponsors in the Noticeboard until summer 2016.
As above, with the addition of a notice on the section of fence repair saying this was possible with your support for a period of 1 year from the repair.

To regularly sponsor events please email gro.arswolliw|scr#gro.arswolliw|scr to find out how we can work together.

If you wish to participate or find out more please contact gro.arswolliw|pihsrosnops#gro.arswolliw|pihsrosnops.

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