Yellow Lines


There will shortly be a consultation regarding parking and the use of yellow lines

Please have your say

The consultation will involve:
Teal Way
Heron Close
Swan Mead
Millwright Walk
Houses in Belswains Lane (4 along either side of Teal Way)
Three schemes are being proposed:
1. The scheme as previously proposed
Yellow lines just on the corners.
2. As above but with the lines extending further into Teal Way
This would extend the yellow lines as far as the start of the dropped kerb outside the entrance to the housing association car park.
3. As above but with the lines extended further
This would see the Yellow lines as far as the lamp column just prior to reaching the house at number seven.
Option two will only remove a small number of parking spaces but will make it much safer turning into Teal Way as there will be sufficient space for incoming vehicles to keep to the left and allowing other vehicles to safely exit Teal Way and without anyone having to reverse.
Option three would pretty much eliminate anyone having to give way along the straight stretch of Teal Way however it would effectively remove a considerable number of car parking spaces. These cars would have to find somewhere else to park and that in itself could introduce new problems.

Please find the original consultation letter here

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